Advanced simulation tools

The importance of simulating

Simulation is an important practice in engineering. It enables predicting the behavior of systems without having to build prototypes, replicating real operating conditions, etc. Therefore, simulation leads to savings in time and cost in companies, making easier the design and development of systems.


Simulation software tools

Cisneria develops simulation software tools for helping other companies in their projects. Most of our products and developments in this way are related to the defence sector.

The most relevant tools that Cisneria has developed are the following:

Control software of a testbench for dampers of heavy armored vehicles

In collaboration with FAYMM, a Spanish machinery company, Cisneria has developed the control software of a testbench for dampers for heavy armored vehicles.

Dampers used in heavy armored vehicles has very particular requirements as they need to operate under strong demanding conditions and has extreme dynamics. Prototypes are also expensive to produce, as they are big, complex systems. For the previous reasons, testing acquires a lot of importance.

For testing and helping in the design of their damper FAYMMDROP, FAYMM has built a physical test bench. The software tool developed by Cisneria allows the company to replicate the dynamics expected in real operating conditions through the hardware, measuring key magnitudes and analyze them

Aerodynamics prediction for slender bodies

In early stages of the design of aerial weapons such as rockets, missiles, and projectile shells, aerodynamic models are required. However, using CFD simulations is usually not appropriated due to both the lack of detailed information and the high cost of them. For the same reason, prototype testing in wind tunnel is not an option.

To cover the previous gap, Cisneria has developed a software tool that allows modelling the aerodynamics in an analytic way. From a preliminary geometry and mass design, it is possible to compute an aerodynamic model to easily predict the dynamics with enough precision.

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