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Engineering and optimization

Cisneria is an engineering company specialized in the development of tools to support decision making.

Through academic research and the conception of mathematical models, we add value to companies by improving their production processes.

Engineering for transport planning & operations

Cisneria’s team is expert in optimization techniques and data analysis, providing the best solutions in the transport sector.

At Cisneria, we develop software tools aimed at improving the planning and operation of companies.


Optimizing planning and operations in several industries


Air Transport

Airlines manage a huge quantity of variables in order to give the best service. Incorporating an optimized plan will allow to reduce costs and improve the image of the airline.


Railways Transport

Train is the main way of moving in public transport. The intelligence of allocating each vehicle taking into account all variables will improve the quality of the service.



The defense sector develops products that need to be tested by running simulations in order to ensure that they work properly. Those simulations generate a big quantity of data that allows further analysis and optimization.

Our products & services

A suite of tools for airlines

With Daedalus®, airlines can optimize their operations, producing optimal plans and recovering from disruptions in short times, reducing operational costs while mantaining their reputation.

Planning tools for railways

Planning problems such as rolling stock, train routing or crew scheduling are complex, due to the large amount of variables involved. Using software tools to support decision-making greatly improves operations.

Simulation & engineering

Simulation is a key aspect in engineering and design stages. Cisneria has developed different simulation tools, such as control software of testbenches for dampers or aerodynamics prediction.


Cisneria in the media
“Daedalus allows us to perform the tail assignment in a way we have never done before. We are now able to produce in very short times highly efficient and robust plans, which minimize operational costs.

Cisneria Engineering is dynamically updating Daedalus to meet Vueling’s needs, rapidly incorporating the features we ask for.”
Joan Moreno
Ops & Airline REadiness Manager at Vueling Airlines
“Since 2018, we have been collaborating with Cisneria Engineering in the development of decision-making tools to improve our planning and operational processes.

Their vast experience and deep knowledge in optimization techniques is highly valuable for us.”
Rita Barata
Director of Data & Analytics at Vueling Airlines


Cisneria has established collaborations with prestigious institutions anda professionals from them, both nationally and internationally.


What is Transport Engineering?

Transport engineering is the use of the latest technologies and methodologies applied in the areas of design, planning, day-to-day operations, and management for any mode of transportation so it can provide a safe and comfortable movement of people and goods in the most efficient, economical, fast, and sustainable way possible.

Transport Engineering Company

Cisneria Engineering strives to provide solutions for transport engineering problems using optimization techniques, data analysis, simulation, and development of tools to support decision making.

Transport Engineering Projects

Our main project is Daedalus, a tool designed for airlines to optimize the generation of aircraft rotations, its assignment to specific aircraft, as well as recovery plans due to disruptions in the day-to-day operations.

Other projects include optimization tools for railway operators or applications based on simulations for the defense sector.


Transport Engineering Solutions

With the solutions provided by Cisneria, airlines, railway operators and our other clients are able to accomplish:

The generation of optimized and reliable planning. Optimized planning not only reduces costs, but also minimizes the impact of disruptions.

The improvement of the transport management by having the correct tools to aid during decision making process.

An increase on the benefits and satisfaction of their clients which leads to a better public perception of the company. With these solutions, clients can also approach a more sustainable way of working with the certainty that their operations will be carried out in the optimized way.

Transport Engineering and Planning

A well optimized plan can solve most transport engineering problems. Our solutions allow our clients to choose a plan which can solve their transport problem according to their preferences.