Optimal planning & operations
in airlines


The suite of optimization tools for airlines

A framework aimed to optimize planning and operations

With our expertise on the field of air transport engineering we have designed Daedalus as an indispensable tool in the airline operations planning flow. The suite is composed by three modules that covers a wide variety of planning and operational stages: Rotations Builder, Tail Assigner, and Operations Manager. The modules are integrated to maximize productivity, but they can also be used separately, as standalone tools.

Airline Operations Planning

Main characteristics

State of the art research applied to airline operations planning problems

Holistic view considering multiple factors that leads to improved decisions, minimizing overall costs

Planners & operational managers have time to focus on value-added tasks, avoiding error-prone ones, which results in time efficiency

Increased robustness of plans, decreasing the probability of disruptions

Process standardisation, avoiding personal biases & feelings

Advanced report and warning systems showing KPIs, different alerts, and other detailed information

Air Transport Engineering: Planning & Operational Stages

Network Planning

Aircraft routing & schedule adjustment

Short Term Planning

Inclusion of maintenance tasks & preliminary tail

Tactical Planning

Final tail assignment & preparation for operations

Operations Control Center

Changes in flight schedule, aircraft & crew swaps, etc.

Airline Operations Planning

Main beneficts

Excellent ROI

Investment is returned in short-term through an increase of savings

Flexible Solution

Suite of tools which can be used integrated or standalone

Intuitive Interface

Investment is returned in short-term through an increase of savings


Designed to suit different networks & fleets


The tools have been developed & tested with Vueling Airlines

Agile Development

Agile, flexible development to match user needs

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Rotations Builder

Generation of reliable aircraft rotations

An optimized network is vital for having smooth plans and operations. The Rotations Builder acts on the early stages of the airline operations planning phase. It provides:

Tail Assigner

Efficient, robust tail assignment

The tail assignment has a direct impact in airline operations planning. Optimized plans not only reduce costs, but also minimize the impact of disruptions. The Tail Assigner allows:


Operations Manager

Real-time decision making & disruptions recovery

Dealing with operations in airlines is a complex task that requires decision-making under pressure. Operations Manager assists managers by providing them optimal recover proposals against disruptions. Its main features are: