Optimization and engineering in transport and defence

Air Transport

Planning and operations management in airlines

Air transport is the fastest mode of public transport. Problems and decision-making processes within airlines imply millions of variables, which make them really complex.

Cisneria Engineering provides solutions to different problems such as disruption recovery or tail assignment, taking into account operational restrictions and adapting the solutions to the specific needs of each client.

Rail Transport

Operational planning in railways

Train transportation is a fast, clean, and efficient method of transport. However, all trains share the same railways, which makes train routing a difficult problem to solve. Cisneria provides a state-of-the-art solution to the train routing problem, assigning all scheduled trips to the available rolling stock in an optimal way, taking into account maintenance necessities and composition changes.

Furthermore, the railway industry usually has very restrictive worker union rules. Cisneria has developed a solution for the crew scheduling problem, generating optimal crew duties for all programmed trips in a period of time that increases the efficiency while strictly following the union rules.


Defence & Aerospace

Simulation and engineering

The defence industry is a strategic sector for the socio-economic development of Spain. Cisneria offers integral solutions in engineering, applications based on the simulation of complex systems of mechanic processes, as well as, aerodynamics or different control systems.

Cisneria’s engineers are a young, dedicated, and multidisciplinary group, that counts with a wide experience in the design and development of different tools that provide solutions and guarantee the optimum operation of each system.






Cisneria works primarily in the transportation sectors, providing software that helps with planning and daily operations.